what child is this

What child is this

“He left riches and honor, for linen and grave

He took on flesh, that I might be saved

He entrusted his life, to human hands

learned obedience and honor, upon this land

Taught in the synagogues and temples alike

Never fearing man, when they disliked.

Authority and power, became his fame,

never a man who spoke the same

Beholding the cross, his purpose he knew

Not my will, but thy will must I do.

A kiss and betrayed, with spears and swords

turned into tears and many foul words

With stripes, and beatings and thorns and pain

a silent lamb to the slaughter, he did remain

He loved me enough, that he laid down his life

Paid my debt in full, with a precious price.

What child is this, that I would come to know

who now is my father, and not my foe

As a child he cried, in death he was still

seeking only my heart and a surrendered will

What child is this, who came with a call

who now calls me, and wants my all

What child is this, to whom we bow our knee

He is, Jesus by name, a King by decree”

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