Tony and Valerie Lopez

Tony and Valerie Lopez

Friendship Group Leaders

Tony and Valerie are a blended family with a total of ten children. Four girls out of the ten are living at home while the others are off to college, married or independent.

Raised in church, Tony enjoys sports as well as fellowship with the brothers and spending quality time with his wife and family. Many know Tony by his nicknames "little teddy bear" and "Tambourine Tony." Tony also enjoys providing a helping hand to different causes.

Valerie has been serving the Lord for twenty-three years. Throughout that time, Valerie has enjoyed her experiences serving in children, junior, youth, and women’s ministries.

Valerie also has a passion for the elderly. She enjoys helping those in need. Valerie loves to coordinate events and enjoys cooking and reading. Tony and Valerie love their friendship group which they facilitate as leaders every Monday at 7 pm in Winton.