Nepal Mission Trip – Miracles

One thing that stood out to me about this experience in Nepal is it felt like we were in the times of the Bible when Jesus was on earth. There were miracles; there were people getting healed, people being delivered from oppression, there was love, peace, and joy; God had shown up in every way. It felt as if Jesus were walking alongside the team and traveling with us to each city, to each village, to each orphanage, and to our rescue house, all while allowing us to minister to these people just like He did from the stories in the Bible.

Not only is Nepal a beautiful country, but it’s filled with beautiful people. The people there are people with so much love for God that it’s contagious, and they are so kind as well. I can definitely say that I now have a closer relationship with God than I’ve ever had before. Nepal forever has a piece of my heart. I can’t wait to go back! This mission trip has taught me that God is just too good not to do something great in every way possible!

-Vivian Cervantes