Today I tried Sam’s Choice Quick Cook Barley & Quinoa. The advertisement states that this product may be used for sweet or savory meals.  As part of my Daniel Fast eating plan, it was predetermined that I would have this for breakfast, so this morning I started by following the package instructions.  After it was cooked, I added cinnamon, banana, walnuts and almonds to the barley and quinoa mixture.

I have to admit, this was not one of my favorite meals.  The barley and oats were a little bland and the water added to boil turned slightly bitter.  It could have used a little more sweetness for sure. Adding grapes or blueberries might have helped.

I’m concluding that this product should not be written off but might be better served as a savory meal instead.  Next time I’ll try adding vegetables to it for a lunch or dinner meal.  I will keep you posted.