Daniel Fast – Cooked Oatmeal

Since oatmeal is a grain, it’s a permissible food on the Daniel Fast. However, packaged oatmeal should be avoided. Packaged oatmeal products often contain sugars, artificial chemicals, and food additives which are things to stay away from. Also, sweeteners are not allowed on the Daniel Fast. Adding honey, sugar or sugar substitutes to your oatmeal is not an option. Instead, try adding your favorite fruit and nut toppings to home-cooked oatmeal. Toppings such as bananas, walnuts, almonds, strawberries, blueberries, raisins or pears. You may even add cinnamon and nutmeg for flavor if you\’d like.

Oatmeal Benefits

According to Daily Natural Remedies, whole foods like oatmeal are often recommended for their beneficial effects on the digestive tract. While it’s known for its high fiber content, oatmeal is an excellent option to consider in terms of satiation and delayed gastric emptying. Along with a large quantity of fiber, oats offer many different nutrients and are low on calories.

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