Yer Xiong

Youth/College & Career Friendship Group Leader Yer was baptized in 2013. She has a beautiful testimony and a passion for helping young ladies. Yer loves to worship God, whether at home, in her car or at church, she’s a worshiper. She loves to play volleyball and loves to travel. She’s especially big on encouraging her […]

Jacob Amaro

Jacob and Maricela Mejia

Jacob and Maricela Mejia Friendship Group Leaders Jacob and Maricela Mejia started their friendship group in May of 2017. They are active members of New Life Madera Apostolic Church. They are the Junior leaders for almost two years and Jacob is working as a sound tech and Maricela has been working with Miracle Land. They […]

Jose and Noemi Rodriguez

Jose and Noemi Rodriguez have been serving God for most of their lives. They have a passion for music and worship, They are currently serving as worship leaders and hosting a friendship group. They have served the community for over four years as foster parents. Jose and Noemi host friendship group every Tuesdays at 6:30 […]

Mauro and Liz Velazquez

Mauro and Liz Velazquez totally blessed in every way, serving God since 2003. We love to engage with everyone that comes our way. We lead a friendship group on Wednesdays and also help direct the youth and college and career in our local church. We are a family of five. We love to explore new […]